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Musical Roots Productions

CD & Vinyl Record Sales

I have many years of experience as a vinyl record dealer with stores in Washington DC (Orpheus Records) and Roots CDs & Vinyl in Carrboro, NC. I now sell vinyl records and CDs through Discogs.​


Click on the Discogs logo to reach my storefront. 

I will refund excess shipping amounts on multiple orders!! I have over forty years in the LP, CD, Cassette, (& 8-track and reel to reel ) business with stores in Washington, DC and Carrboro, NC. Quality control and accurate descriptions of the items is of paramount importance. Every item is completely guaranteed. I will ship open LPs in their outer sleeves unless a buyer requests that it be removed for shipping- just ask and I will gladly do so. I pack vinyl carefully and have never heard a complaint about spines coming open during shipping but, as i said, I will ship them as the buyer requests!! 




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